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Frequently Asked Questionss

We recommend a minimum of two visits per day. The reason for this is because once a day (every twelve hours) is simply not enough for any cat. The two visits can be morning, dinnertime or before your cat goes to sleep for the night.

Of course, if the carer is available, an additional cost may apply.

The standard amount of time is twenty minutes. But if you would like us to spend more time just ask us and we will do that. Keep in mind there would be an extra charge.

Well, it depends on what kind. If you are away and cannot make it back home at the reserved time just call our office and let us know. If it is after hours or on the weekend we do check phone messages twice a day. If you have an emergency and need to leave quickly, just call us. We are used to handling that and we will do our best to accommodate you. If we have an emergency with your house or pet while you are away our staff are trained to deal with them. Depending on the kind of emergency would depend on the action we took, but be comfortable in knowing a team of people would be working on it.

Most carers are over 30 and most are female.

We tag all our pets with a Pet Paws tag, we call local Veterinary Clinic, Lost Dogs Homes and Councils, and contact other carers in the area to assist. This may mean driving around the streets of the area until we locate your pet. We work as a team and pull together in times of emergencies.

All Pet Paws staff are petlovers, from rabbits to birds, fish, cats and dogs, even a wombat for awhile. We love our pets and know how much yours mean to you. We can provide references for your local carer, but remember we do look for professional staff and not people trying to get their hands on a buck or two, from Mums, singles, couples and families we have a great database of people.