For Paws
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Want to be a Pet Paws Minder?

Are you a pet lover?
Enjoy the delight of cat minding without the full time responsibility of ownership. So if you could welcome a cat into your home from time to time and would like to earn some $$$, we would love to hear from you.

Carers must provide a safe, fully fenced and secure yard so that their cat can holiday too!

What we do

Caring for our cats is fun so we promise to:

  • Discuss all suitable cats with you
  • Respect your right to decline any booking
  • Share discounts on cat minding with you
  • Send you a thank you cheque at the end of the month

What you do
We aim to offer a superior, caring and professional service and ask that at all times you:

  • Provide a safe, caring and clean environment for pet sitting
  • Ensure that the dog is handled competently and cannot escape or injure itself
  • Maintain good relationships with cats and owners alike
  • Respond promptly to all correspondence with Pet Paws

Apply here.

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