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Everyone needs a holiday! So when you’re away, your cat can take a holiday too.

What’s it all about?
1: Firstly, we asked that you complete a booking form, detailing your cat’s preferences, dates and preferred location. We will then contact you and discuss your requirements.

2: When you make a booking, we obtain extensive details about your cat/s. We request a deposit and then match your needs and requirements with a suitable carer. Due to the individuality of the process, this may take a little time to ensure we locate the best match for you.

3: Pet Paws will then arrange a suitable time for both parties to meet at the owner’s home to go through all details. Please provide keys (if applicable). Our first meet and greet visit is free! Returning keys to your home is considered a visit and a fee of one cat visit applies. We respect your right to decline any carer at this stage. We have a small number of carers able to look after cats in their home
and housesitters.

4: If you accept the service, we will contact you by text on the day of the first visit to advise you of your cat’s wellbeing. Feel free to contact the carer during your absence for cat updates!

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