For Paws
That MatterTM

Pet Taxi

We can organise to fly your pet interstate
to the Airport Pet only or dog and one passenger.

Visits to the Vet your cat/s only or cat/s and one passenger.

To and from cattery.

Transporting your beloved deceased friend to their resting place.

We can organise a move of house for your cat.

We can organise the pick up of any special medications or diets most kinds of cattravel
catered for specialist vet transfers.

Home Open or Auction Day
We can keep your cat entertained during your home open or Auction day!
We can organise pick up and drop for your cat/s homestay. Waiting times apply.

Hours of Operation
Mon–Fri 09.30am – 5pm
Sat 10.00am – 3pm
Appointments outsides these hours may be possible advance bookings are essential.

Surcharges may apply to jobs after regular hours Most jobs are charged at a per kilometre
rate. For longer trips hourly rate applies.

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